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maze2022 Submission Guidelines

- Your Name:

  - If you use an artist name different than your legal name please include both names. 

- Your Bio:

  - 5-10 sentences about yourself 

  - Age (if under 18, you must have your legal guardian’s approval in order for your work to be featured in maze2022)

  - Location (City & Country)

  - Email or Social Media Handles you would like printed with your artwork in the book

Answer to any of these questions (you do not have to answer them all, but you can if you would like to!)
   - How did you first start drawing mazes?
   - How long have you been drawing mazes?
   - Who/What inspires your art the most?
   - Do you create other types of art in addition to mazes?
   - What does Maze Art mean to you?
   - How do people respond when seeing your Maze Art for the first time?
   - How has your Maze Art style changed overtime
   - Do you have any exciting Maze Art projects planned for the coming year? 

- 4-6 high-resolution files of your maze art
   - You must own the rights to these mazes. 
   - You will retain the rights to your artwork even if it is featured in maze2022.

   - If you want to use work you’ve created which is owned by another entity, please contact

- Description of materials/process used for each piece
   - Example: “ink on paper,” “digital with acrylic paint,” etc…
   - Include the Date/Year of artwork creation if known


Submissions Deadline is May 31st 2022.
Expected digital book release is November/December 2022.

Email Submissions and/or Questions to

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